10 Things You Should Have in Your Car This Winter

After a mild fall, it seems that cold weather is finally upon us. Here’s a few things that our service department recommends you keep in your car this winter.

1. Ice Scraper


There are few things worse than running late somewhere because you had to wait to defrost your windshield. Always keep an ice scraper handy in your car to get going a little sooner. Bonus points if it’s heated like this one from Sharper Image.

2. Jumper Cables


These are for those bitter cold mornings when you just can’t get your car to start. Not only should you have these in your car for the winter, they’re also super handy to keep in there year-round.

3. Portable Shovel


You never know when you might need to dig around your tires to get out of where you parked. Luckily, portable shovels are pretty inexpensive like this one from Cabelas.

4. Salt, Sand, or Kitty Litter


Wonder what all three of these things have in common? They can all give you a little traction when your wheels just won’t stop spinning.

5. Flashlight


Heaven forbid that you’re stranded and need to use it to find help, but it would also help to have in case you need to be able to see to use those handy jumper cables to start your car or change a flat tire.

6. Plastic Bags


All of those old bags from the grocery store can finally serve a purpose! Keep a few in your car to throw away trash, put over your wet shoes, and much, much more.

7. Snacks


Again, we really hope you don’t get stranded somewhere this winter, but it’s always smart to keep a few non-perishable snacks in the car in case you’re stuck for a while. Just try not to eat them all when you’re in traffic and really hungry.

8. Cell Phone Charger


If you don’t already, a car charger is always smart to have in case of an emergency so that you’ll always have a way to call for help.

9. Blanket


Great for road trips, but even better in case of an emergency, especially if your car loses power and you have to wait a while for help.

10. Winter Clothes and Shoes


Usually people only dress for the place that they’re going to. If you’re someone who does that, keep an extra coat, gloves, and some shoes in your car just in case you have to change a tire, jump start your battery, or anything else that would require you to be outside for a while.

Stay safe this winter, everyone!





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